Addo Game Drives - Elephant Park

Getting Close to African Wild life

Addo Game Drives

Addo Game Drives on offer by Little Sisters is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the biggest land mammal – the African Elephant. The Addo Elephant Park is home to the densest elephant populations in the world. Other mammals include Lion, Hyaena, Cape buffalo, and Black Rhino, as well as Zebra, Jackal, Warthog, the native South Africa Suricata and numerous species of Antelope. 

Over 150 bird species have been recorded in Addo and there are around 600 different plant species. 

Addo is also home to the endangered dung beetle. Whether you experience the park from the comfort of your own vehicle or on a Addo game drive with an experienced guide, the chances are you will have close encounters with the elephant. 

To make the most of the park, be sure to bring your camera, walking shoes and wildlife reference books.

Addo Elephant National Park, internationally known for its elephants is also the home of many other animal species. Your qualified guide will take you around the 35 thousand hectares of this park, to find as many animals as the guide can. 

Our Addo game drives start at Little Sisters Self Catering, and enter the Addo Elephant National Park at the Southern Gate, also known as Matholweni, less than two minutes’ drive away. 

Entering from this side will ensure that you will see lots of grass feeders such as Zebra, Hartebees, Eland and Buffalo early on the drive. We will then make our way to the more densely vegetated northern section of the park where the elephant feed on the spekboom and play at the waterholes.

Full Day Addo Game Drives

Open Drive Game viewing – The full day tour starts at 8 am at Little Sisters.

We will be enjoying lunch at Jacks Picnic Place (Subject to weather)if not possible a meal is enjoyed at the restaurant. There after we will continue to the northern part of the park.

The duration of the Addo game drive will be between 8 and 9 hours.

Binoculars and poncho’s will be provided. Lunch and refreshments are included.

A shuttle service is available from Port Elizabeth at additional cost.


R 1750 P/P, Kids under 12 – R1350 p/p
(minimum 2 persons per drive)

Half Day Addo Game Drives

Open Drive Game veiwing – The half day tour starts at 9 am at Little Sisters.

The duration of the drive will be between 4 and 5 hours. 

Binoculars and poncho’s will be provided and light refreshments are included 


A shuttle service is available from Port Elizabeth at additional cost.


R1500 P/P, Kids under 12 – R750
(Minimum 2 persons per drive)

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